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Flame Up Every Piece of Your Desktop Totally Free

When things get boring it's time to add some fire. Free Fire Screensaver bursts into your screen with a super-realistic animated fire virtually burning every single pixel of your desktop! The flame effects are so natural that you can almost feel the heat glowing at your display and breathe the smoke. The screenshot is absolutely not capable to reflect the full impression you gain while looking at this absolutely free screensaver!

Download Screensaver absolutelly free!

Instead, take a minute and download this award-winning fire screensaver and experience the melting heat yourself. The best thing - this is a free screensaver!

Super Realistic Flame Effects

The vivid nature of the real fire was accurately transferred to the computer in a safe yet still very spectacular form. Sparkling tongues of flame are lustily devouring a background wallpaper of your desktop, producing smoke and heat. Real-life flame sounds (a choice of 9 is available) add even more to the atmosphere, while the optimized core makes sure it is your desktop will burn out, not your CPU.

Download Screensaver absolutelly free!

An Award-Winning Free Screensaver

Over a million of people downloaded our Free Fire Screensaver and loved it. It gained a long list of awards on most of well-known websites, common software resources and specialized resources devoted to free screensavers. Yes, the fire eating your desktop is not real, but it is the most realistic example of a flame screen saver you could ever see on your screen. Why on earth you're still reading the texts? Download Free Fire Screensaver and see that all said is true yourself! And don't forget that it is a completely free screensaver!

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Heart On Fire Screensaver,
Fire Heart Desktop Gadget:
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Free Fire
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Watch your desktop wallpaper catches fire and realistically burn!

User Opinions:

"Better than I thought! Very realistic and magnetic effect, I was surprised. It looks like real fire and it is sensitive to my desktop contents unlike any other such screensavers. Nice sound and music. Good, very good."


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