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Fantastic Flame ScreensaverPopular Screensaver!

Ignite Your Desktop with Fantastic Flame Screensaver!

Screenshot of the Screensaver
Desktop snapshot with 'Orchid' fire style

Screenshot of the Screensaver
'Dragon' background with 'Fantastic 2' fire style

Screenshot of the Screensaver
Desktop snapshot with 'Fly Agaric' fire style

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An ultra-realistic fire flames up every single pixel of your desktop. Playing tongues of flame lick windows, icons, applications and a wallpaper picture leaving natural smoke, sparkles and digital heat you can almost feel. Take a minute to download the award-winning fire screen saver and experience exhilarating effects of a true fire burning your desktop to ashes.

Truly Fantastic Flames

The flame tongues are unbelievably beautiful - the fire looks and feels fantastic. Endless color combinations and a number of options such as wind, fire intensity and smoke create incredibly eye-catching fire. A set of predefined background images, dozens of flame styles and random alternation of fire presets ensure you'll never get tired of watching this screen saver again and again!

People's Choice Screensaver

Over a half million of users all over the planet have preferred Fantastic Flame Screensaver. A true living fire at the desktop invariably attracts attention thanks to realistic screensaver animation and vivid, colorful flames. Plus it doesn't overload your CPU.

Fantastically Easy to Customize

Fantastic Flame Screensaver allows you to adjust the fire the way you want. You can customize every detail - from intensity of burning to the color palette of the fire. A specially designed fire editor allows you to program almost any flame possible on Earth as well as burning you'll never meet in real life. Our screenshots page shows a tiny bit of what you can get in the screensaver.

Have questions?

Please refer to the Screensaver's FAQ section to get the most basic knowledge about Fantastic Flame Screensaver. If after that you still get some questions - please don't hesitate to contact us.


We built this screen saver in a hope to create something more than just a computer program. We tried to replay the excitement of the real-life fire on the screen. We like what we finally get, and we hope you'll love the screensaver too. Actually, we are sure you will. Please give us any feedback on Fantastic Flame Screensaver you may have - either positive or negative. Suggestions, questions or thoughts - all are welcome. Please feel free to contact us for any reason. Thank you!

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Fantastic Flame ScreensaverPopular Screensaver

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User Opinions:

"Great visuals, highly customizable, a lot of backgrounds to choose from. Simply COOL!"


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