Fantastic Flame Screensaver FAQ

Is Fantastic Flame Screensaver Free?

The full version of Fantastic Flame Screensaver costs as low as $19.95, but you can use it absolutely FREE for an UNLIMITED period as long as you stay with the default settings!

How Much Does The Full Version Cost?

The price for the full version is $19.95. We accept payments in your national currency.

What Are The Payment Options?

The following payment options are supported:

How Can I purchase The Full Version Of The Screensaver?

Please process to the registration page. The purchase process is fast, easy and 100% secure!

What Are The Limitations Of The Fantastic Flame Screensaver's Trial Version?

You cannot switch settings to anything except the default scheme - Windows desktop snapshot burning with a classic red-orange fire.

What Features Are NOT Disabled?

The following features work perfectly in the trial version:

Can I Use My Own Images As A Background?

Absolutely! However you will need to register as this feature is not available in the free trial version.

I Don't Want Default Music! Can I Play My Own Playlist Instead?

Sure. Fantastic Flame Screensaver fluently supports WinAmp and Windows Media Player playlists, so you can use your vast collection as background music to the fire burning on your screen.

How To Take a Screenshot of a Flaming Background?

Simply hit Enter. A screenshot will be saved in My Documents folder, in the folder named Fantastic Flame Screenshots.

Where Can I Download The Latest Fantastic Flame Screensaver Version?

The latest Fantastic Flame Screensaver version can be downloaded form here.

I Run Important Tasks In Background And I Don't Want To Slow Them Down. Is This Saver CPU Hungry?

Fantastic Flame Screensaver will run on any average machine. Modern 3D graphics card is NOT required. You can run this screensaver even at laptops without depleting their batteries too fast.

I Have Another Question...

Please use the support page to ask it. We are also looking forward at your feedback!

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User Opinions:

"Fantastic Flame is an amazing program. Before, my desktop was the dullest, and looked like a 'regular joe' desktop, but now, it really stands out from the rest!"

Joe Adams

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