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Custom Screensaver Creation

In addition to offering the freeware/shareware screensavers, we can also create a fire screensaver program for you or your business. Just imagine: your blazing logo on every customer's computer. A custom screen saver like that works both as efficient advertising, and as a quality promo material as well - give it for free to increase loyalty of your clients and to attract new customers at the same time.

A custom-built animated screensaver offers astonishing eye-popping looks creating a wave of positive emotions focused on your brand name. Would you neglect such opportunity?

The promotional screensavers can be distributed for free through your website and given away on trade shows, exhibitions, etc.

For creating custom fire screensavers, we use the same core technolodgy as in Heart On Fire Screensaver. It delivers the excitement of a real-life fire experience direct to the computer desktop.

What will you get in your fire screensaver?

How To Order A Custom Screensaver?

If you want to order a custom screensaver, please contact us at . We will need the graphics you want to include into the screensaver from you. Within a certain period we will prepare an evaluation version of a screensaver, so you could test it and decide whether this is it or not. We don't charge you for that. If you like the demo, we continue the development and build a full-featured custom screensaver for you.

SAVE $20 on bundle!

Fantastic Flame Screensaver,
Heart On Fire Screensaver,
Fire Heart Desktop Gadget:
$49.95 only $29.95!

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Fantastic Flame ScreensaverPopular Screensaver

Screensaver Thumbnail

See how your desktop blazes being eaten by hungry fire tongues!

Heart On Fire
New Screensaver

Screensaver Thumbnail

Burning heart isn't a metaphor anymore! A true symbol of love's flaming at your desktop.

Fire Heart
Desktop Gadget
New Screen saver

Software Thumbnail

A symbol of sincere love is on fire at your desktop.

Free Fire
Free Screensaver

Free Screensaver Screenshot

Watch your desktop wallpaper catches fire and realistically burn!

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