Fantastic Flame ScreensaverPopular Screensaver

Burn my desktop, burn! A highly realistic fire devours your icons, windows and desktop backgrounds as well as pre-selected pictures leaving smoke, glowing tongues of flame and unmatched feeling of a living fire - one of two things you can watch forever and actually the best one. Over half a million people all over the world have burned their desktops to crisps. Download Fantastic Flame Screensaver and ignite your screen too!

Screenshot of the Screensaver
'Lion' background with 'Wood' fire style
Screenshot of the Screensaver
Desktop snapshot with 'Propane' fire style
Screenshot of the Screensaver
'Warrior And Woman' background with 'Indigo' fire style
Screenshot of the Screensaver
'Dragon' background with 'Wood' fire style

Free Fire ScreensaverFree Screensaver

Free Fire Screensaver Screenshot
Free Fire Screensaver

Flames at your desktop are leaking applications and windows; every single pixel of your screen is on fire. Do you dare to extinguish this realistic flame? Or would you rather prefer to see your friends' eye-popped faces as they look how your desktop is literally burns out? There is not much of a choice, indeed, as this is a completely free screensaver!

Free Fire Screensaver gained a long list of awards on most of well-known websites and software resources. Over a million of people downloaded our free screensaver and loved it!

Heart On Fire ScreensaverNew Screensaver

A must-have fire screensaver for anyone who ever felt in love or is in love right now. Combine this eye-catching blazing heart glowing with warmth and tenderness with your favorite romantic music, invite your beloved one, and you'll get the best night in your life ever!

Heart On Fire Screensaver

The image is taken from live animation
of Heart On Fire Screensaver.

Fire Heart Desktop GadgetNew Software

A small and classy desktop gadget delivers emotions you could try to express with hundreds of words with no success. Just put this amazing symbol of burning love at the desktop and let your beloved one see it!

Fire Heart Screenshot. Unfortunately, still images can't really show
the fascination of live burning.

Flame WallpapersNew WallpapersFree Wallpapers

A set of great, high-quality desktop wallpapers suitable for any resolution of your screen. A big flaming heart is a universally recognized sign of love and tenderness. Put these free flame wallpapers to your desktop and express your true feelings with ease.

Fire Wallpaper
Fire Wallpaper
Fire Wallpaper

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Heart On Fire Screensaver,
Fire Heart Desktop Gadget:
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Fantastic Flame ScreensaverPopular Screensaver

Screensaver Thumbnail

See how your desktop blazes being eaten by hungry fire tongues!

Heart On Fire
New Screensaver

Screensaver Thumbnail

Burning heart isn't a metaphor anymore! A true symbol of love's flaming at your desktop.

Fire Heart
Desktop Gadget
New Screen saver

Software Thumbnail

A symbol of sincere love is on fire at your desktop.

Free Fire
Free Screensaver

Free Screensaver Screenshot

Watch your desktop wallpaper catches fire and realistically burn!

User Opinions:

"I'm always on the prowl for new screensavers and this is one of the best I've found! It doesn't slow my machine down at all - like alot of animated screensavers do. And with all the options you have to choose from, there's something to flip almost anybody's trigger!"


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